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About Our Yacht Charters

Embark on a luxurious journey along the stunning French Riviera aboard one of our state-of-the-art catamaran yachts. At Nikaia Yachts, we specialize in providing unparalleled yacht rental experiences tailored to your desires. Our spacious and stylish catamaran boast ultimate comfort, modern amenities, and exceptional service, allowing you to explore Cannes and beyond like never before.

A Tailor-Made Adventure

Our experienced team at Nikaia Yachts collaborates closely with each client to create bespoke adventures designed around their specific needs and interests. From leisurely cruises along the coastline to exhilarating water sports activities, every moment spent aboard one of our catamaran promises to be both memorable and captivating.

Spacious Luxury Featuring expansive living spaces, multiple sunbathing areas, and comfortable cabins, our catamaran yacht accommodate up to twelve guests effortlessly. Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views while indulging in gourmet catering, all set against the backdrop of crystal blue waters and picturesque landscapes.

Expert Guidance & Service With years of local expertise, our professional crew members ensure seamless sailing, personalized attention, and impeccable hospitality throughout your voyage.
Allow us to navigate the finest locations, recommend hidden gems, and curate exclusive experiences tailored exclusively for you.

Eco-Friendly Exploration Nikaia Yachts understands the importance of preserving marine environments and promoting responsible tourism. We strive to minimize our ecological footprint by implementing eco-friendly practices without compromising guest satisfaction. 

Join us in embracing this commitment towards a greener future during your extraordinary catamaran yacht rental experience in Cannes. Indulge in the world of opulent seafaring only with Nikaia Yachts – where unrivaled luxury meets unmatched elegance and excitement on the enchanting shores of the French Riviera.


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Effortless Elegance

Client 4

"As avid sailors, we've chartered many yachts in the past, but Nikaia Yachts truly stands out. The attention to detail, impeccable service, and effortless elegance onboard made for an unforgettable experience. We highly recommend Nikaia to anyone seeking a premium yachting adventure."
Michael and Emily R., Experienced Sailors

Unforgettable Family Adventure

"Booking with Nikaia Yachts was the best decision we made for our family vacation. The catamaran was not only luxurious but also incredibly family-friendly. Our kids loved exploring the spacious deck and snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters. Thank you, Nikaia, for helping us create unforgettable memories!"
- The Johnson Family, Family of Five

Client 1

Comfort Beyond Compare

"Our experience with Nikaia Yachts was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment we stepped aboard, we were enveloped in luxury and comfort. The spacious cabins, panoramic views, and top-notch amenities exceeded our expectations. We can't wait to set sail with Nikaia again!"
- Sarah and Mark T., Luxury Travel Enthusiasts

Client 7

Perfect Honeymoon Escape

"Nikaia Yachts provided the perfect backdrop for our honeymoon getaway. The romantic ambiance, stunning views, and personalized service made us feel like royalty. We fell in love with each other all over again while sailing the French Riviera. Thank you, Nikaia, for making our dream honeymoon a reality!"

- David and Jessica M., Newlyweds

Unmatched Comfort and Convenience

"Absolutely amazing experience with Nikaia Yachts! The comfort on board exceeded our expectations, Nikaia Yachts provided us with an unparalleled experience. The spacious cabins, top-notch amenities, and attentive crew made our journey truly memorable. Can't wait to sail with them again!"

- Sarah and John  a vibrant middle-aged couple

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